Asserts that a picture created by the Mars Global

Arthur C. Clarke The picture is striking to the point that there is no compelling reason to say anything regarding it – it’s clearly vegetation to any fair-minded eye.

PS What about creature life?

AC If there is vegetation, it appears to be plausible there are other life-structures also.

PS Few specialists concur with you.

AC Remember how a specific Astronomer Royal said that space flight was ‘utter bilge’?

(For sure, Richard van der Reit Wooley said so in 1956 – Ed.) But they are on the whole correct to be mindful – we actually don’t have 100% confirmation. I believe it’s in the high nineties!

PS Why are you so enthusiastic about this?

AC Because nothing could be a higher priority than the revelation of other living things. It’s getting forlorn down here.

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